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Abortion: What Are the Main Features of the Topic?

There is no unanimity of opinions on the topic of abortion and the debates concerning the pros and cons of abortions are ongoing. The definition of abortion presents it as an embryo removal to end a pregnancy synthetically before it is possible to preserve its life outside the womb. This is the medical procedure that has a lot of moral aspects and it is approved by the government and always discussed in the society.

Abortion: Pros and Cons

The debate about abortion pros and cons is ongoing in the American society, as the citizens cannot agree on the problem whether abortion should be legalized. As far back as 1973, the US Supreme Court decided on a status of a fundamental right given to this medical procedure.
Those who are for legalization of abortions claim that every woman has the right to decide on the life of her baby and her own body and there should be no religious or governmental authority that can restrict this right. This pro-choice party states that the rights of a woman are more important than those of a fetus. Moreover, they assume that if a pregnant woman has no legal option to get an abortion done, she will look for hazardous illegal medical services and that may cause a tragedy.
Those who are against the legalization of abortions claim that a fetus is an actual beginning of every life and a medical procedure of abortion is equal to killing a new life. This pro-life party lay an emphasis on the pain caused for an innocent baby. They also point out that there are numerous couples unable to have their own child, and killing the babies of other women is a crime against those couples as well.

Abortion Legalization: Why Should It Be Done?

A popular topic for an abortion essay is related to the reasons why it is beneficial for women.

  • Women get empowered as they get a chance to make their own reproductive choice and exercise control over their bodies.
  • A fetus still cannot feel any pain if the abortion is done timely.
  • A fetus is not a person yet as the beginning of viable life is not in the womb but outside it.
  • There is lower risk of maternal death or injury if the women can get abortions done by professional surgeons on a legal basis.
  • Owing to the latest technologies and medical advancements, abortions are safe nowadays as they do not have any negative health consequences, such as infertility or cancer.
  • Women who cannot get the right to have the abortion done are at risk of having problems with mental health.
  • Women who cannot get the right to have the abortion done are frequently subject to domestic violence, unemployment, poverty, and public welfare support.
  • The right for an abortion grants the women with the right to be protected from financial problems.
  • Unwanted babies have low chances to be happy.

Abortion Legalization: Why Should It Be Prohibited?

The students are frequently asked a question: why abortion is wrong?

  • Abortion is an act of killing.
  • Unborn babies have the right to live as life starts inside the womb.
  • Abortion is wrong from a religious point of view.
  • Abortions damage women psychologically.
  • Abortions prevent adoptions by the families that would love the children.
  • There is an aspect of discrimination in selective abortion on the basis of health abnormalities.
  • Pregnancy is associated with responsibility, and women should be aware of it.
  • Abortion can be viewed as a constituent part of the culture of disposable things, in particular human life.
  • Abortion terminates all the chances of contributions made by not born persons.

Abortion Argumentative Essay Writing: The Structure

There is nothing special in the structure of an abortion argumentative essay. The first part of an essay is an introduction with the included definitions, background information, explanations why the research is conducted, and an effective thesis with the included opinion of the author on the debatable subject.
The essay body reveals all the arguments related to pros and cons of abortions. There will be four paragraphs: two for the statements for and two for the statements against the abortion.
The conclusion will make a final par with the thoughts summed up and your opinion expressed clearly.

Titles Draw Attention

An abortion research paper is popular among the students in the US universities and colleges as an abortion is a social issue that is frequently discussed in the society. It is recommendable to select a really catchy title for the essay to make it impressive.

  • Abortion in an area of choice
  • Religion and Abortion.
  • Medical vs. Surgical abortion.
  • Why should late term abortion be illegal?
  • Medications and Pain Management for Abortions.
  • Contraceptive Failures and Abortion.
  • Abortion as a Birth control.
  • Should women have the right to abortion?
  • The psychological effects of abortion on women.
  • Is adoption a viable alternative to abortion?
  • The views of abortion in society.
  • Is abortion ethical?
  • Abortion among teenage girls.
  • Why should women be able to have an abortion?
  • Abortion rights in patriarchal society.
  • If women have abortions, are they considered mothers?
  • The moral status of the fetus in abortion.
  • The laws of abortion in your state or country.
  • Abortion in different cultures.

Valuable Tips for an Abortion Argumentative Essay

The most effective guidelines concerning essays on abortions are related to research and passion as two key concepts of writing. Select a topic and compose an outline to structure your ideas that will gradually be formed as an essay.

  • Find an impressive argument
  • Your basis argument should be rather controversial to hook the audience and make them read your text.

  • Select a topic
  • It is nice if the topic you have opted for is the one you are keen on and passionate about. It will make the process of writing enjoyable for you.

  • Conduct extensive research
  • Study not only the ideas that correspond to your point of view in an abortion argumentative essay but also those which oppose it. Provide solid data for the backup and analyze all viewpoints and perspectives.

  • Collect all facts
  • Either you collect pro abortion arguments or those against, you have to gather as many verifiable facts as possible to support the perspective you have chosen.
    You may look like an amateur writer if you do not ensure substantiating of the presented argument. It is wrong to look biased, unprepared and insufficiently professional in your writing, so you need facts. The statements of some famous people, respected leaders, and influential authorities will add value to your ideas. Citing figures and statistics and will also be helpful.

  • Work on an outline
  • You may have too many findings to structure them and keep the right balance. You will have to decide which of them should be included, while others will be viewed as not so important. A well-structured outline will be extremely helpful as it will help you emphasize the main ideas, highlight the facts, and do the effective mapping.
    Finally, keep in mind that a good essay is a result of hard work, not a piece of luck. What you need is practice, not just learning theoretical guidelines and recommendations, however valuable they might be.

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